A Poem for Me

​I met you for the first time, six months ago!

And since then I took a liking in your trolls!

You were like a goddess on the roll!

Making joints, taking puffs, here we go!

You taught me how to not have a bad trip!

But whenever I saw your face I lost my grip!

I sensed a bit of trouble in the air!

But then I figured out that it was your smell!

And I am sitting here thinking about you! 

I learned to forget everything that I knew !

Coz I never wanted to be a friend!

How did we end up being friends?

This is the final goodbye, I guess!

Forever a friend, I wish I’ll see you again!

This is the final goodbye, I guess !

Never wanted a friend, I’ll see you in hell!

(Thank you for the amazing poem, I ain’t that bad though 😁, I love the effort,words and thoughts behind the poem. Thank you my friend 😇)