Losing Control

I think losing control is a rad feeling. You just go with the flow, isn’t that a magical feeling.

How some drugs make you so high, how they conquer your mind, thoughts and feelings. Its like someone holding your hand and taking you to the dark side and all you could do is trust them, let them turn you wild.

When you laugh like a maniac, like someone possessed you and that pain in stomach due to laughing. That laugh where you crave for oxygen and normacy. Stupendous!

When you feel something is breaking, lil heart of yours. When you know you cannot go back, you cant be normal again. The pain won’t stop, no prescription, no cure, no dosage. Just you and the pain. When you know breaking of bones hurt less than a heart break.

Some feelings dont just simply go, you need to feel it to end it.


15 thoughts on “Losing Control

  1. stubbornsaya says:

    those feelings are pure…drugs help u to get rid of all the materialistic feelings either for a living or a non-living creature…..


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