At Coffee Shop

I saw a guy today at coffee shop

No phone sitting alone like a psychopath

My gut feeling told me something’s wrong today

I couldn’t help myself & ask him, Is he okey?

His eyes were dark as his clothes

And the vibes were intuitive sort

Why every girl falls for me?”

Was his voice or question more catchy

I couldn’t help but admire his every dimension

Oh my my! He was a seal of perfection

Why they kill themselves for me?

What is it, that I cannot see?

He was strange freak and a weirdo

He looked like James Dean but secretly psycho

He stood up, wave and smiled

In that moment, I lived hundred times & died

I forgot dinner but not his eyes

I want him or else I’ll die

I want to see him more

But its midnight, dark & cold

I didn’t sleep all night, I was thinking about him

Dark circles under my eyes & face light got dim

I went back to that coffee shop

Desperately waiting for him to show

He came back with his dark eyes as black as his soul

I want him or I’ll die

I want him or I’ll die




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