Dance with the Devil (Part 2)

I told myself, dont listen to him

Doesn’t matter what he says, I dont want him


Got to get him out of my head and soul

But he is digging deeper and deeper


His hands were dancing up & down my spine

I could feel the current all over my body to the center


He spin me and hold me before falling

Like teasing, all the things he could do


It felt like a lifetime dancing with him

I know he was there plotting something


“As the dance ends you are going with me” he whispered

I’m trying to erase his words from my mind but they are banging out loud


Coz I know m going to hell as soon as the dance ends

I’m getting caught up in him & I cant control a thing


For once, in my life I dont want this dance to end

But with ‘Por Una Cabeza’, here the tango ends. BOOM!!


“Never trust a guy who knows how to dance, He got Moves ! “


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