Forever ?

After death I have heard good people go to heaven

Then why I’m standing in sinner’s line on number eleven


Its an auction of sinners, the devils bet to buy slaves

Its funny, how sinners pray and call Β god’s name


It was my turn, no sins I have done, still I am here

In the crowd of burning hell, I saw a familiar face there


He looked so good before I knew his name

He was none another than my ex-lover. Is this his game?


His wolfish grin was so sharp

It cut my soul into half


“Was loving you a Sin?” Is this the reason m in hell

“Love was never a sin” he said like casting a spell


He said, “You promised me to stay with me for ever

You are here Β to pay your debt, that is FOREVER ”


He was no longer my ex-lover

He was a devil & now I’m stuck with him forever


Conclusion: Forever is not something to give . You dont know, how lovers can be devils.




18 thoughts on “Forever ?

    • anjalimeow says:

      Yes, very true.. we dont know whom we are falling for. Its funny how people can be angels to you in one second and also create a hell in another πŸ˜›
      escape is the strategy πŸ™‚


  1. theadoptedcat says:

    Hi, fellow cat lover I chose you as one of my nominees for the Black Cat Blue Sea Award! Obviously no pressure to accept but if you fancy having a go, check my blog in around an hour for full details and your formal nomination! Its a fun blog entry and your provided with three questions to which you blog back and nominate fellow bloggers. Enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

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