Yes I Do

Yes I do Cocaine, yes I do Cooking

Yes I do Smoking, yes I do Cleaning

Yes I do Drinking, yes I do Driving

Yes I do Cussing, yes I do Praising

Yes I do Fucking, yes I do Cuddling

Yes I do Whistle, yes I do Pout

Yes I do Wink, yes I do Blink

Yes I do Drugs, yes I do Dance

Yes I do Ride, yes I do Walk

Yes I can be Nasty, yes I can be Silly

Yes I can be a Bitch, yes I can be a Lady

Yes I can be Naughty, yes I can be Naive

Yes I can be Satan, yes i can be Saint

Yes I can be your Daddy, yes I can be your Baby

Yes I can go Dirty, yes I can go Pretty

Yes I can be Master, yes I can be Slave

Yes I am Kinky, yes I am Sweetie

Yes I am Rude, yes I am Funny

Yes I am a Sadist, yes I am a Saver

Yes I have Tattoos, yes I have Rules

Yes I can Kill, yes I can Love








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