Sitting alone in my Room

Waiting for earth to be Doom

I dreamed of a witch on Broom

She said there is no love no Groom


Stars were shinning outside my Window

My room was dark & life was Hollow

In the corner I saw a strange Shadow

My heart skipped a beat when he said ‘ Hello! ‘


His vibes made me run to Hide

His eyes got darker when he smiled Wide

He hold my arm & threw me on my bed Side

My breathing’s got high when he next to me Lied


He climbed over me like a Snake

He was my nightmare & I wanted o Wake

I was telling him to leave for god’s Sake

But he was looking at me like I was a cherry on Cake


His teeth were sharp which were made to Bite

His skin was cold & pale White

His lips were red & wet, so Delight

He was demon in moon Light


Suddenly, his stare was cold like an Ice

He leaned over & whispered ‘Dont make a Noise’

I was so turned on by just his Voice

He was more handsome than those Twilight Boys


He bite my lip & closed his Eyes

Meanwhile, he hold me tight & took a breathe High

He moved towards my neck & hold it like a Prize

He froze,”Darling! I may bite if you taste Nice”


He licked my neck & his smile turned Wild

He inserted his fangs & I cried like a Child

I wanted to run, fight but may be I was Complied

Biting necks & leaving marks thats what his Style


I woke up in the Morning with sun Light

Yesterday was a dream like a Halloween’s Night

I looked up in the mirror & saw bloody red marks of Bite

My nightmare was alive & my heartbeats were Quite


Everynight my bed & blood thats what we Share

Leaving bite marks is his way to show Care

That witch was a lair now I’m well Aware

Because, I’m unconditionally in love with my Nightmare








16 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Mitul says:

    BEAUTIFUL! i mean The way you’ve written it, just wow, and these words , they all rhymes perfectly with the next , just two words (JABRA FAN)😜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. avinamdar says:

    Now that’s quite a steamy dream, a nightmare where you didn’t scream, is this fiction in all it’s glory, or is this a real life vampire love story ? πŸ˜‰ Nice poem, couldn’t resist writing a few lines, Cheers Miss Meow !

    Liked by 1 person

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