A poem by my friend

A friend of mine wrote this poem for me. So this is me from someone else’s view.


No way of existing today

Trapped inside I haven’t got a way

Fighting with myself for existence

Knowing today nothing is persistent!


People come for help & I help them

But I get a slap when I need them

They all cry & make their problems solved

But laugh at me, for my problems when they are called


Why the hell do they do so to me!

Is it my badness that just they see?

All i want is a true friend

But only getting myself, bitch i’ve set a trend


Everybody’s problems I get to solve

But no one comes when I call

I today know that I am bad

But thats not the problem for you to get mad


Attitude is all that I show

But every time only why I have to bow?

Is that all I deserve from you

I trusted some but also got hate from those few


I’m fighting the war of existence

Nobody with me to share my grievance

Looks today, I m just so useless

Like a car lying around fuel less!


13 thoughts on “A poem by my friend

  1. charliezero1.wordpress.com says:

    Everybodyโ€™s problems I get to solve

    But no one comes when I call

    I know exactly how this feels. I too, have experience this and went through this before.
    What I usually do to friends, well, I don’t have friends now…but when I did before I just stopped one day hanging out with me. They had too many problems going on for them that I almost forgot myself and wanted to get away from such negativity and backstabbing.

    Powerful write and I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • anjalimeow says:

      Ahaan… well i have been through same stuff.. even my close friends dont care about my feelings they just hurt me in some way or other. But thats jus how you grow. Now m well aware who is who.

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      • charliezero1.wordpress.com says:

        Awww…that sucks. I’m so sorry you have to go through this and experience this with your close friends.

        Let me share something with you.
        I too, was like you. Having friends and all, using me just because or to fix their problems instead of me fixing myself. In the end – I dropped all my friends and I mean I stopped completely hanging out with them.

        I disappeared and I kept a low key profile. I didn’t want to be known or seen by old faces because if all the backstabbing and drama I was surrounded by. I didn’t need stress in my life. Since then on, I’ve been a loner which I got used to by the many years without friends. However, I do only have 2 Best friends who’ve stood by me and support my decision making when it comes to friends. Every time I meet someone in person or online, their just acquaintances me to. Unless otherwise of course then I’ll call them my friends or good friends. That’s as far as I’ll take it. I don’t have room anymore for Best friends. I’ve already got 2 best friends. It’s all knowing how to trust people and being very selective with who you would want in your life and who actually care about you and your feeling and what you’re going through.

        Hope this helps you. My advice to you.

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      • anjalimeow says:

        Charlie, thats very sweet of you to share.. Well, yes i have stopped expecting things from people now. People show their true colors unintentionally, I have seen many colors. yes, even i dont have any rooms for more best friends. The more i know people the more i like to be alone and trust no one.
        And your advice is very helpful, Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. bhaatdal says:

    Lucky gal .. You see your friend cares that no one cares when you need . That means atleast the one is there who knows how u feel . Beautiful it is , thanks to your friend for sharing it .

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