Mother’s Day

8th May 2016. Sunday.

I knew it was mother’s day. I saw everybody’s post on instagram, snapchat and whatsapp. How people were showing Internet Love for their mothers. It was kinda cute but Internet Love never fascinated me. Its better to make that person feel special than writing long captions for them. Actions speak louder than words, when people will learn this.

I really wanted to spend time with my mom but i had these two exams the very next day so i was busy in studying and i didn’t got a chance to have a conversation with her. In the evening, I had this severe stomach pain and i started crying because i had so much to study and now my health was too low. My mom noticed that i was in pain, she brought meds and she sat in front of me. She was looking at me like I was a lil baby or something. She swipe the tears from my cheeks and said

” You are Anjali. You don’t cry.. you make others cry “

And in the other second those lines echoed my mind. I laughed out from the pain, I forgot who I was and things I could do. I know I know, its not something to blog about. But the message i want to convey is that you dont need others stories,  motivational quotes for inspiration. Sometimes you are your own inspiration. Your close ones are your inspiration. You just need to look. A real conversation with who understands you and knows you very well is the best thing to do when you feel low. Talk about your anxieties and insecurities, your problems contain your answers.

I hugged her and cried not because I was feeling low or broken but because I though she never understands me and i never made her feel special. All I could say was I Love You Mumma.


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