The Strange & Unusual

Its 6’O clock in the morning
He woke up from his messy bed with fucked up hairs
Looked outside the window
It was still dark and cold.
He went towards the bathroom
And washed his eyes which slept 2 hours ago.
He combed his hairs in such a way so that the horns don’t show
And then he went out, in a world he don’t belong.

It was 6:10, still dark and cold
People were walking, running and breathing ozone
And there he was walking like a free wild spirit
With cigarette and lighter in his hand
And not giving others a shit.
He sucked the ozone from his cigarette
& blows out the smoke in fresh air.
He was strange and unusual in his own way
He wasn’t disturbing anybody’s peace,
But creating his own.
People were looking at him like a flawed, dead person
But he focused on his cigarette and stood there in a corner.

His cigarette was burning but not on his lips
& his eyes were dark and still.
And there she was, the one thing that he crave
Ignoring the world, wearing ear phones
& walking like a hurricane.
He stared at her like she was a masterpiece
Although he knew, she was full moon & he was a lone wolf
And they could never meet.
She wasn’t his target, she was his world
And she was unaware of him & his underworld.

She looked at the sun rise and smiled
He was staring and smiling at her because,
She was more beautiful than the sun rise
She was a believer, her eyes were shining bright
And he was a moth who was attracted to her light.
She looked at her watch and walked fast
He looked at his cigarette which all turned into ash.
He light another cigarette as he went back
And slept on his messy bed like he never woke up.
He was strange, unusual and punctual
Same routine from past 2 years.


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