Bombing for Peace


Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

I normally don’t do paintings. But i had this theme i wanted to explain with mixed colors and messy look.

I asked few people about the message behind this painting. Most people said it was freedom. Of course with an open cage and birds flying. Not Surprised.

But, the actually meaning behind the painting was… to show war and peace in one canvas. A picture says thousand words, its just the way you look at it. Bombing for Peace is basically saying that you gonna kill to save lives, Ironic ey?

A lot of conflict is going on around the world and its sad to see that a lot of innocent people have been sacrificed in the name of bringing peace to the world.Β People want to conquer everything, but not to win.

This generation is so disturbed. If you spend some time with them you will notice that there is a war inside their mind. The innocence in people is absent. And the worst thing is people don’t value other people’s lives. Humanity is endangered .

We are creating a hell for our future generation and expecting them to be saints. I hope those people change first who are trying to change the society.




17 thoughts on “Bombing for Peace

  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar says:

    Well said: bombing for peace is completely ridiculous. If we really want a more peaceful world, the best way to bring it about is to practice nonviolence. Of course it’s equally necessary to reduce the massive inequalities plaguing the world, as they give rise to much anger and subsequent fear.

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  2. bhaatdal says:

    you are welcome dear, as I too have a little interest in Art so can understand a little .. and its always good to take out the feelings on paper by any means let it be .. my wishes are with you .

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