Cats are Masterpieces.

Cats = Soulmates

Four cute letters that bring a megawatt smile on cat lovers. I believe cats are the best animals on this planet, better than homo sapiens.

I have met many thinkers,guides and many cats, and i m so surprised cats are way much superior, intelligent and smart. The more people I meet, the more I love cats. Nowadays people are so full of knowledge but so less of soul.

The small soul which meows.. can cure depression, loneliness and they teach you how to love someone. Cats can be your soulmate. A soulmate is someone with whom you have a special, almost spiritual connection. 

There is something mysterious about cats. Always remember.. You don’t choose a cat, a Cat chooses you. Cats don’t look for people who are good looking, rich or famous. Cats look for souls, affection, and people with deep dark sides. So you are very lucky if you know how to be friends with strange and unknown cats.

And once you feel the affection of cats, you’ll stop looking for affection from others. Cats can explain the meaning of unconditional love better than any novel.

People who need to feel loved get dogs. And people who love to give love get cats. I wish people were more like cats.

Cats leave paw prints on your heart and a part of them in your soul. Always notice cat lovers are different and strange in their own way. You will notice cat symptoms in them.

I cant really explain the bond between cats and me. All of this reminds me of how language can really fall short. Words have limits. Some feelings can never be explained, but just felt.




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