Mystic Woman


If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our crushes would be..

It is a Graphite sketch. I used cretacolors’s pencils. It took me around 4-5 hours to make this sketch.

My thought behind this artwork was…. I wanted to make a woman who was bold, beautiful, elegant, artsy, ย feisty, foxy, strong , spirited and may be a bit arrogant. I believe every woman should be a little arrogant.. As we know, we have something that the other one doesn’t have. So why not to be proud of our flaws. Our flaws make us different from the crowd.

As an artist, we leave peaces of us in everything that we love to do. What inspired me to make this one was…. ย I want all those qualities that she have. Well its not possible to have all the qualities that you want in you, otherwise everyone walking this earth would be perfect. So i made her look perfect as an art.


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